Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Update

Hello all, it's been about a week since I've last updated this bee-log. I've been busy taking care of the little one. He's found out that everything I don't want him to get into is hilarious to try and get into... *sigh* children... lol So I haven't had much time to work on the car, but I have gotten a few more things done. As promised, here is more of my documentation of the 89' Supra teardown part. :) Enjoy!

Got the other valve cover off... cams are good still *sigh of relief* lol

Front Bumper removal in progress

Wiring harness almost outta there :D

Front bumper off! :D

Intercooler not in too bad of shape. :D

Intercooler-less lol

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a little bit for today

Hello all, today is going to be spent unbolting and taking apart, but I wanted to do a little update for those who are interested. And I'll try to keep this up as long as I can. I'm playing the role of "Stay-At-Home Dad" at the moment for a one year old boy. So when he naps, I go out and play. :D Anyways, here is a little geek reference for those who may get it. I know this car is not an AE86, but I thought I'd pay homage. :)
This is the Fujiwara Tofu Shop MKIII Supra Turbo. lol

There she is with the lights up, it took me a little longer than it should've to figure that one out lol

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An update!

So I finally got that car at my new place and have been having a blast tearing the engine apart in it. Basically the plan so far is to pull the current engine that is residing inside of the car and swap it out for a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) version of the same engine. It's got roughly the same specs, except for a nominal +3HP gain and +3 lbs./torque.

Anyways, enough of my jibber jabber, here are the pics from which I have taken today! :D Enjoy!

This is what the inside looks like right now. I wish it weren't an automatic, but hey, we all have to settle once in a while.

ECU, Ashtray, etc... lol

This is my little good luck charm. Yeah it helped out a lot when the engine blew lol

View from the top with the T-Top taken off.

There it is pre-jacked up on the ramps

From the side. No I didn't put the K&N stickers on there.

Picture with the valve cover taken off.

That's more or less what she looks like right now.

Notice the cracks in the spark plug plastic covering?

There's a ding!

More of the ding lol


View from underneath

Almost on the ramps. 

The rear end. Mmm mmm mmm. Can't wait till she runs again.